Normal Delivery Package (2020)

Cost*: 98,000 THB

This package is valid until July 29, 2021

Normal Delivery Package

Three childbirth packages at Bumrungrad International Hospital Bumrungrad International Hospital’s expert medical team will care for you and your baby from pregnancy to birth with the highest international standards of quality and safety.

This is a routine Normal Delivery Obstetrics Package with 2 nights stay in the maternity unit. Nursery accommodations and nursing care for the baby for up to 2 nights are included in the package.

Package is valid from now until 31 December 2020.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Doctor Fees including Obstetrician fee and Pediatrician fee
  • Labor and Delivery Room Charges including working team
  • Medications and Medical supplies necessary for the labor and delivery procedure.
  • Medical Equipment and delivery assisting devices such as vacuum, forceps: necessary for the normal labor and delivery, Fetal Monitoring
  • Accommodation on the maternity floor including: Room Charges including Nursing Service Charges, and regular menu food charges.
  • Nursery accommodations and Nursing Service Charges for the baby.
  • Medical Devices for baby according to package
  • Vaccination Laboratory Testing and screening required for the babies as ordered by the attending physician(s) as
    • BCG vaccine and Hepatitis B vaccine 1st dose
    • Neonatal Grouping (ABO Grouping, Rh Grouping) & Direct Coomb’s Test, PKU, TSH (Newborn)
    • Newborn Hearing Screening Test and interpreted by the specialist
    • Pulse oximetry screening for congenital heart disease
    • Screening for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
  • Others Privilege
    • Free Bumrungrad Pre-Natal Education Classes
    • A private delivery room
    • Neonatal care provided by one of our highly specialized pediatricians
    • Assistance and advice on breastfeeding along with electric breast pump tutorial
    • Menu to encourage breastmilk production and recovery
    • Breastfeeding apron
    • Baby's first picture
    • Family’s picture or baby’s footprints
    • Baby Gift Pack
    • Registration of baby’s birth (Thai version)
    • Complimentary membership to the BABY CLUB, inclusive of the following benefits: 10% discount on medications and on inpatient room. This complimentary is applied until the baby is completely 12 years old.

The Package Excludes:

  • This package rate may apply with doctors who join the delivery package only.
  • Complications occurring with either the mother or her baby and multiple births: This package is for a single baby, normal uncomplicated delivery. Should any complication occur with the mother, the package pricing will not apply and all charges will be billed at the normal rates. Should a complication occur with baby not affecting the mother, the amount of 18,900 Baht will be deducted from the package price and all charges for the baby and Pediatrician will be charged at the normal rates
  • Spinal or Epidural Anesthesia, if medically indicated, please see further information in Package Normal Vaginal Delivery with Epidural Block (OBST 1.3)(the amount of 119,800 Baht).
  • If necessary, the Normal Delivery Package or Normal Delivery with Epidural Block may be upgraded to the Cesarean Section Package (OBST 2.2) (the amount of 149,000 Baht) plus an additional cost for doctor fee from Cesarean Section Packages amount Baht 13,990
  • Physician Fees on admission if appropriate
  • Charges for stays in excess of two nights: Patients staying for additional nights will be charged at the normal room rates and other charges occurring during the extra nights. Additional doctor fee will also be added at the normal rates in effect for those excess days.
  • Items such as in-room soft drinks, telephone charges and guest meals and relative's bed, which will be billed at the normal rates
  • Laboratory tests and other diagnostic tests before delivery
  • Blood preparation, blood transfusion, or blood components
  • Individual medicines as prescribed by doctors
  • Other medical supplies not included in the package: Abdominal support, Baby’s Pillow, Diaper Cloth, diaper that exceed the package price, milk bottles, and formula.
  • Take home medications and medical supplies
  • Other procedures not related to the normal delivery
  • Birth Certificate translation fee from Thai to English
  • Patients with the following conditions are considered to be complex or high risk cases and will not qualify for the package:
    • Pre term pregnancy < 28 wks.
    • Patients with underlying severe medical problems that may affect the delivery process and such attending by physician’s specialist
    • Multiple births, Pre-eclampsia, Eclampsia, Abruptio placenta, Placenta previa, Severe PIH with Magnesium sulfate used.
    • Gestational diabetes (DM need Insulin)
    • Vaginal birth after caesarean; VBAC

For any inquiries regarding the programs, please call our Contact Center at +66 2066 8888 or use the Book Appointment form.

Add-On Charges

  • The additional expenses besides the delivery charges such as the cost of medication, medical supply, diagnostic pre & post operating. In case patient with underlying severe medical problems that may affect the delivery process which should consult medical specialist for continuum of care during delivery procedure.
  • Additional cost in case of complication occurred during delivery procedure.
  • The charge for Female Sterilization after delivery is at normal rate.
  • Circumcision of the foreskin of a male baby is charged as normal rate.
  • The charge for the different room rate from package price.
  • Room charges during waiting for delivery procedure. Please note that the package is applied started from baby delivery date.

Terms and Conditions

  • This price is reserved for customers who register for delivery and give child birth between January 1st to December 31st , 2020 only.
  • The Hospital reserves the right not to allow the patient to fix the auspicious birth time during 9 pm until 6 am.
  • The Package Pricing is extended to patients who settle the bill directly to the Hospital only. No discount of any kind may be applied to package prices.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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